The Next Billion is a metaphor for the future of the internet—mobile, global, and simultaneously growing exponentially in emerging markets while seeing radical transformation of next-level technology in more mature markets. At The Next Billion conference, we'll explore how networked innovation in every sector is transforming business, society and opportunity across the globe. 

In an effort to practice what we preach on the opportunity front, we are offering 50 complimentary registrations (regular tickets cost $1495) to amateur coders and computer science/engineering students through a challenge conducted with HackerRank, which provides a marketplace for companies to find and hire coders based on proven skill.

Challenge winners will join our speakers—15 international executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in technology, science, business, culture, and education—and a live audience of 400 professionals at The Next Billion.

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The Next Billion Coder Challenge
Welcome to the Quartz coding challenge for The Next Billion hosted by HackerRank. Please read our Official Rules below and click below to complete the challenge.

1. You get one opportunity to complete the coding challenge and must do so within 60 minutes.

2. HackerRank's algorithm will determine the ranking of challenge participants based on accuracy of output and speed of execution.

3. Quartz will provide complimentary registration to the top 50 participants (regular tickets cost $1495). Selected winners will be notified by email on or about October 3, 2016 (updated from September 28, 2016) and will have until October 7, 2016 (updated from October 3, 2016) by 11:59PM to claim the prize. After 11:59PM October 7, 2016, the complimentary registration will go to the next participant on the list.

4. The coding challenge is open to amateurs, students, interns—anyone who does not work as a professional engineer, computer scientist, developer, etc. Quartz reserves the right to make the final determination as to eligibility.

Please email with any questions.

Official rules here:
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